Missing the "right" words to express yourself, so you keep quiet instead?
Imagine speaking your truth without worrying what ‘they’ will think! 

Not sure how?
Find Your True Voice
is a jumpstart self-study workshop and training bundle to help you quickly connect and authentically express yourself - even in uncomfortable situations…with people who might not understand...
 Express Your Truth. Find Your True Voice

"Eliana Gilad is like an ancient priestess, bestowing enchantment and alchemy through rhythm and sound. She takes you to a very deep place and then lifts you to a beautiful high."

Marianne Williamson 

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Does your voice get caught in your throat when go to speak what’s truly on your mind and in your heart? Imagine the fulfillment of fully expressing yourself out loud no matter what anyone else has to say?!
 I’m sharing what I know from my first-hand experience in my own life and business. By living my truth, which started by daring to find my true voice… By daring to stop and listen within to find my true voice, then daring to own it, then daring to embrace it fully and express it out loud so that it serves many… Which allowed me to build the feminine healing voice training company I have today.
This Find Your True Voice virtual training is essentially twenty-five years in the making… But it’ll only take you two hours over the next few days to implement. And after welcoming over 10,000 heart-centered professional women of all industries, niches, and backgrounds, we want to welcome you, too! Ready to speak up and courageously move forward with your goals and dreams so you can fully express yourself and help more people in the process? (Uh, OF COURSE you are!)

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My name is Eliana Gilad – Thriving through Uncertainty expert, Therapeutic Singing pioneer, healing voice mentor, TEDx presenter, author and founder of the Thriving Through Uncertainty program. For over twenty five years, I have created, planned and LED over a thousand courses, events and retreats – and I’ve trained thousands of conscious professionals through our Voices of Eden Live

and Virtual Programs.

I know what it takes to remain focused and effective in the midst of uncertainty and change, and how to thrive when under pressure (even in war!).  

I know how to teach you to do the same. I know the problems that can arise when you ignore your truth and get stuck in fear and worry about the consequences of others who don’t see things your way. 

My intent is to share my expertise with you, so YOU don’t have to experience the secret humiliations, mistakes, and issues that I’ve encountered since I first jumped off into the “unknown” in 1991 to find my true voice and fully share it. 

The idea for this Find Your True Voice workshop came to me in the form of a question I asked myself recently...  

With SO much unpredictability and up in the air-ness within our world, so many of my clients are struggling, whether their professional practices have totally pivoted… or because what seems like “eternal unknown” of life in lockdown has brought up all kinds of unsavory behaviors…creating conflict at home and work that are hard and embarrassing to address.

As a person on the conscious path for so long, the simplest path to deal with exhaustion, stress and conflict is to stay silent and not speak your truth. 

Yet let’s be real. NOT speaking your truth when you’re heart is yearning for you to speak your truth is absolute self-sabotage. In taking care of others before yourself, you make a mockery of your inner wisdom. 

No wonder life feels hard! 

Staying silent is NOT an option.

You may be living and breathing but if you are not connected to your true voice, there’s a disconnect between what you say and what you do. You live in self-doubt, spiritually, financially, emotionally, physically, and socially…it’s a living death.

Others sense too!

Not only is the social distancing isolating you – you’re isolating yourself from your truth. Wonder why you’re depressed?!

It IS depressing! 

So, I asked myself two questions:

Right now, you may be struggling with…

Feeling so overwhelmed that you don’t have the bandwidth, to even think about what’s on your heart and mind…Netflix and a snack is an easier option.

Though you no longer have a commute to the office, your clients want more in less time, your partner’s at home creates less private space for you, and your elderly parents need you, giving you less and less time for yourself. If you live alone – the deafening silence causes way too much time scrolling online into the night.

Instead of using this unprecedented change to listen within and speak your truth, you find yourself saying yes yes yes, when you really want to say NO. 

You chicken out at the last minute because it seems easier to stay silent than risk being called overbearing or them saying you talk too much,  too emotional, too sensitive, too…too…. 

Weekends and holiday time make it even worse.

...I didn’t ask “How can I help them plan a sustainable healing practice through embodying the creative power of their voice?” That can take a few months. 

…I didn’t ask “How can I help them know how to thrive through uncertainty and know what to do next so they emerge through this crisis triumphant?” 
That can take several weeks. 

I asked “How can I help them find their voice and feel safe to speak their truth in a way that feels comfortable and in the shortest amount of time?” 
I meditated upon it, got clarity, then circled back to what I know best...

A feminine strategy I've been using for YEARS...  

A strategy to find and speak your truth that is panic-proof (and pandemic-proof) so a professional healer—or any type of professional—can pivot and profit with personal integrity. 

Fast. SUPER fast. 
Like, less-than-five-minutes freaking- fast.

The strategy I teach inside Find Your True Voice is the same one I used to get my online healing voice training business started twenty+ years ago when I was living in a war zone in the middle east, being displaced, and had no idea what would happen next. 

Zero certainty. Zero guarantee.  

It’s the same approach I used that led to a 3 year fully funded medical healing music research project, 2 TEDx talks, 2 United Nations presentations at the United Nations, collaborations with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsh, Michael Beckwith and more…

(Which paved the way to the feminine healing voice training business I have today.) And it's the same strategy I've now taught to over 10,000 heart centered professionals all around the world. Now, I want to teach it to YOU. You’re so welcome.

Yet what if you could turn that all around? IMAGINE this… 

Instead of vicariously living through the endless films and series you’ve starting binge-watching on Netflix/Amazon/Hulu (pick your fave)…your become the star of your own movie – in your own life. 

You’re the main actor! Ah…it feels SO expansive to write your own script and play the starring role. Imagine the exhilaration you feel as you’re firmly grounded in your own inner space. 

Listening to your inner truth, you reclaim the authority for your life and your loved ones and clients notice the difference.  

Saying YES to yourself, replenishes your well and your find yourself saying YES to others, yet from a cup that is full and replenishes you with more.

Ah it feels so good to connect from an authentic place! You no longer chicken out from speaking your truth – because you’re no longer afraid of what they have to say about it – because YOU cared enough about yourself to honor your own truth.  

It’s such a pleasure to feel comfortable expressing your honest feelings with your loved ones and clients.

Inside Find Your True Voice, I’m going back to the beginnings of my journey.

I’m sharing with you strategies I’ve never shared in any of my other courses or programs. And I’m sharing this stuff right now because I don’t want you to simply survive… 

 I want you to thrive! 

 Especially NOW!

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside Find Your True Voice:

 Through our Authentically Aligned Voice Assessment tool, you’ll discover how aligned you are with your true voice today. Not sure and tired from trying to figure it out? You’ll immediately get clear and discover the simple next steps to take to reclaim and reconnect with your unique and awesome expression.

How to Uncover the 3 Hidden Culprits that Cause You to Lose Your Voice and 10 Simple to Recover It in Today’s Crazy Climate – with our medically proven “Find Your True Voice Method” and healing sound video training matrices – you’ll feel safe to authentically and courageously express yourself - even in uncomfortable situations. 

Don’t have the bandwidth? Don’t have the time? No worries! The video trainings are intentionally crafted in short, soothing, easily digestible chunks (less than ten minutes), which you can complete to complete in just a few days or do it over the weekend.  

Most importantly, you don’t need to “DO” anything more – in fact, what you’re doing NOW is the hardest. Say GOOD-BYE to stress forever and hello to serenity! We’ll help you!

How to align with your true voice even when you’re on the move. Tired of sitting in front of the screen? Got that feeling of “ants in your pants” and need to move. Wonderful! Our On the Move Audio program will enable you to listen and learn while you’re moving, practicing yoga, taking a walk or on the go. The awesome impact of this audio training is powerful and you can implement it immediately.

"How do I know that this is going to work and I won’t chicken out?" 

Easy Peasy!

Your Find Your True Voice Guided Meditation will provide you with a deep connection to the source of your power and help you own it, reminding you of who you truly are and how easy it is to turn towards your own goodness and fully express it with ease.

You’ll receive Empowerment Coaching from me for three days in a row – inspirational emails prewritten by me – with different tips and tricks to challenge and encourage you to uncover your truth and express it! Basically you’ll receive a helping hand to help YOU give yourself (the most important person of all) a helping hand to discover and embrace your true voice so you get to fully express your truth regardless of what others think, so you can be able to make the difference you were born to make in this world.

Last chance to buy!

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And did I mention that you can find your true voice in less than two days?

Yep. This approach is fast. 

Calm down QUICK? Check.
Better connection with others? Check. 
Increased confidence? Check. 

And a proven formula to make it happen in 2 hours? Check…

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Who is Find Your True Voice for?

Find Your True Voice is right for powerful women —yes, powerful
(even if temporarily hidden inside)—and healing professionals. Whether you’re a therapist, coach, community leader, doula, midwife, or a professional woman experiencing uncertain transition, Trust Your True Voice is for you.

Just because the entire world is in social-isolation and experiencing extreme upheaval doesn’t mean you should stop expressing your truth.

In fact… by finding your true voice, you can approach your personal and professional relations differently…
From a different direction… in a way that serves the highest good of all concerned. Find Your True Voice allows you to tap into your inner truth so you can build a bridge from your inner world to your outer expression, regardless of what’s happening in your business, your community, or even the world.

What you get when you grab your copy of Find Your True Voice:
Holy Moly, that’s a ton of stuff for just… $47? Is this for real?!”

Yes Maam. The Find Your True Voice workshop is worth worth more than twenty times what I’m charging. 

 After all, it’ll help you connect to and find your truth —in the short-term and long-term. 

This is THE MOST VALUABLE asset you have. It cannot be purchased with money. 

 WITH THAT SAID, my goal here was to make this a no-brainer price for you, whoever you are, wherever you are, because I know powerful womens’ voices need to be heard NOW. 

 Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Not someday. NOW… 

I want you to get started TODAY. 

 So I’ve priced it so you don’t have to think twice… you can just grab it and go!

I’ve packaged up all of this into a quick workshop and 5-part framework that you can complete and implement in
(you guessed it) 2 hours—or less. 

And I’ve taken my own advice here: I’ve put this at a no-brainer price so you don’t have to ride the fence for days or even hours. 

Why? Because I don’t want you to delay finding your true voice for one minute more. 


The world needs to hear your true voice like, NOW…well actually yesterday. But... If not NOW, Today, WHEN?!

“I learned how to ground myself in any situation. It brings everything I need in the moment in work and personal life. I’m comfortable with myself in both good and not so good moments.”

G. Semoyeva

"A beautiful and intimate voice of reason to provide healing tools in all conflicts that life hands us."

Gregg Braden

"This work is as potent as Eliana’s healing music is beautiful."

Susan Jeffers, 
“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”
“You’ll see, the proof is in the pudding!” 
Emma Warmington, Director Jivani Yoga Teacher Training School
FAQs About Find Your True Voice

 1. What if I am not a singer or presenter?


 Answer: Great! You don't need to be. By the end of this short program, you'll have an effective approach to tap into your true voice, and an easy way to express it—even when you don’t exactly know what to say.


2. What if I'm already too busy with kids at home full-time, elderly parents and barely have a free hour in my day to do anything?!

Answer: As a business owner who also cares for my 90 year old mom, I feel you. But you don't need hours upon hours to learn this material. The Find Your True Voice program is a 2-hour framework for easy implementation, even if you only have a couple of blocks in the evening after you handled everything else. You got this!


3. Can I buy this, try this, then ask for a refund?

Answer: Due to the digital nature of Find Your True Voice—and the fact that you could consume it in just a few, short hours—we do not offer refunds. But you don't have to cross your fingers and hope! Check out the testimonials and watch my TED talks above. The truth? Once you complete and implement Find Your True Voice (and speak your truth), you’ll be thinking of a different t-word: Transformation.


4.  When does this start? When do I get access to everything?

Answer: It starts as soon as you join! This is a self-paced, instant access, quickie workshop, so all you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything delivered straight to your inbox within about 15 minutes. So you can start today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! Or next year! (Though why would you hold back on your honest self expression one minute longer?!) You just need to... start! (And of course, join Find Your True Voice...here.)


5. How do I join Find Your True Voice Program?

Answer: A good question with an easy answer: Click here to join Find Your True Voice today! This workshop is 25 years in the making… But it’ll only take you 25 seconds to join and about 2 hours to implement! Find Your True Voice today so you can feel safe to authentically and courageously express yourself - even in uncomfortable situations...no matter what anyone else has to say!

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